Top BenQ Deals for Amazon Prime Day: Unveiling the Best Discounts!

New Delhi , 14 July: With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, those seeking cutting-edge display technologies should keep an eye out for BenQ, the renowned brand in the field of display technology. Known for their high-performance devices, including portable projectors and monitors for designers, gamers, programmers etc.,  BenQ offers innovative technology solutions. In anticipation of this exciting event, we have handpicked a selection of must-have BenQ products that will be available at incredible prices during Amazon Prime Day. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals and elevate your display experience with BenQ!

BenQ GW2790QT – Monitor

MRP : 34,990

Prime Day Pricing : 24,740

The GW2790QT is a sleek 27-inch mainstream monitor that offers a stunning display quality and a specialized coding mode for programmers. With its QHD resolution and IPS panel, you’ll experience vibrant colors and sharp details in your work or entertainment. Keep an eye out for the special Prime Day pricing on this versatile monitor.

BenQ MOBIUZ EX270M – BenQ’s MOBIUZ Series

MRP : 42,500

Prime Day Pricing : 27,740

The EX270M is part of BenQ’s Mobiuz series, designed specifically for gamers. This 27-inch Full HD monitor boasts a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync Premium, ensuring smooth gameplay and reduced screen tearing. Get ready to level up your gaming experience!

BenQ ZOWIE XL2566K – eSports Gaming Monitor

MRP : 69,990

Prime Day Pricing : 57,250

The XL2566K is the ultimate choice for professional eSports players. With its lightning-fast 360Hz refresh rate and DyAc+ technology, you’ll enjoy ultra-smooth visuals and enhanced clarity. Grab this opportunity to own a top-tier gaming monitor which is also the official monitor for VCT Ascension Pacific at an attractive  price.

BenQ PD2706U – Pro- Designer Monitor

MRP : 64,990

Prime Day Pricing : 40,990

The PD2706U is a 27-inch pro designer IPS monitor that offers precise color reproduction and excellent color accuracy. With 4K UHD resolution, 95% DCI-P3, 99% sRGB, and HDR10 support, it’s perfect for designers, photo and video editors. Don’t miss out on this deal to elevate your design workflow.

BenQ SW240 – Pro- Photographer & Videographer Monitor

MRP :  39,990

Prime Day Pricing : 31,740

If you’re a professional photographer, videographer or a photography enthusiast, the SW240 is tailored for your needs. This 24-inch monitor features a color-accurate IPS panel with 99% Adobe RGB coverage, ensuring true-to-life colors. Make the most of Amazon Prime Day to add this gem to your photography setup.

BenQ GV 11 LED Smart Projector

Normal Price: 37,990

Deal Approved Price: 34,990

The BenQ GV11 is a portable and smart LED projector that comes with several impressive features. It includes an inbuilt battery, delivering convenient usage without the need for a power source. With excellent color reproduction at 92% REC 709, it ensures vibrant and accurate visuals. The projector is also equipped with certified Android TV, offering built-in OTT (Over-The-Top) apps for easy access to a variety of streaming content. With the ability to project screens of up to 100″ in size at a 135° angle, it provides a wide and immersive viewing experience. The BenQ GV11 is further enhanced by its 5W TreVolo speakers, delivering high-quality audio. It also supports WiFi and HDMI connectivity, providing versatile options for connecting external devices.

BenQ GV 30 Projector

Normal Price: 49.990

Deal Approved : 47,990

The BenQ GV30 Projector is a compact and stylish entertainment device that offers an array of features to enhance your viewing experience on a larger screen. With its smart design and portability, this projector is a versatile option for various occasions. The BenQ GV30 combines extra bass Bluetooth speakers with wide-angle projection, autofocus, and vertical keystone correction. It also features 2.1 channel Bluetooth speakers with additional bass, ensuring immersive sound quality. With a resolution of 720p HD and a brightness of 300 ANSI, the BenQ GV30 is ideal for movie nights, gaming sessions, and enjoying multimedia content in a captivating manner.

BenQ GS 50 Projector

Normal Price: 74,990

Deal Approved: 67,990

The BenQ GS50 is a durable and adaptable all-in-one device that combines the features of a Bluetooth speaker and a portable projector. It offers exceptional audio performance for various entertainment purposes, thanks to its robust subwoofer and optimized sound modes. With a dedicated subwoofer and two 5W midrange tweeters, the GS50 ensures clear and powerful sound reproduction, whether you’re enjoying music, movies, or gaming. Its audio quality creates an immersive experience, bringing every detail to life. The BenQ GS50 is an outdoor projector with 1080p Full HD resolution and 500 ANSI Lumens. It also features a 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker with extra bass, autofocus, and the ability to project from the side.

BenQ Gaming Gears – EC1-C Zowie Mouse and G-SR-SE Rouge Mousepad

MRP : 4,900 – G-SR-SE Rogue Mousepad

Prime Day Pricing : 3,399 – G-SR-SE Rogue Mousepad

MRP : 8,500 – EC1-C Zowie Mouse

Prime Day Pricing : 5,799 – EC1-C Zowie Mouse

Enhance your gaming performance with the G-SR-SE Rouge Mousepad and EC1-C Zowie Mouse bundle. The mousepad provides a smooth surface and excellent precision, while the ergonomic mouse ensures optimal control and comfort during intense gaming sessions. Get this feature packed combo for improved gaming accuracy.

BenQ ideaCam S1 Pro – Webcam & Document Camera

MRP : 29,990

 Prime Day Pricing : 18,990

The BenQ ideaCam S1 series offers two impressive webcams: the S1 Pro and the S1 Plus. The S1 Pro is a true gem, packed with advanced features. It boasts up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, delivering stunning visuals including 15X Macro Lens for better experience. The HDR technology ensures vibrant colors and contrasts, adding depth to the visuals for a more immersive experience. With AI-powered noise cancellation, it guarantees crystal-clear audio.

BenQ Screenbar Plus – Monitor Light

MRP : 14,990

Prime Day Pricing : 11,690

The Screenbar Plus is an innovative monitor light that provides customized illumination for your work station. With built-in ambient light and color temperature adjustment, you can optimize your visual comfort and reduce eye strain. Take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day deal to light up your workspace.

Make the most of Amazon Prime Day by grabbing these incredible deals on BenQ products. From gaming monitors to designer displays and handy peripherals, BenQ has you covered. Mark your calendar, keep an eye out for these fantastic discounts, and elevate your gaming, design, and work experiences with BenQ’s top-notch offerings.

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